December Birthstones Highlight

December babies are extra special, not only do they get to share their birth month with one of the most magical times of the year, they get not just one – but THREE birthstones!

All with hues of blue (inline with the winter blues), Tanzanite, Zircon & Turquoise showcase are all relatively inexpensive but each have their own unique and beautiful characteristics that stand apart from one another.

Here are some quick facts on each of these beauties:


  • Can only be found in one part of the world – Tanzania (hence the name)
  • Tanzanite was first discovered in 1967 by Maasai herders who found blue crystals in the Merelani Hills near Arusha, Tanzania – making this one of the ‘youngest’ gemstones known to man
  • Color will range from pale blue to intense ultramarine with violet undertones
  • Tanzanite is also a popular gift to commemorate the 24th wedding anniversary
Tanzanite & Diamond Pendant 


  • Zircon was first found in Australia 4.4 BILLION years ago, making it the oldest mineral on earth
  • Zircon can be found in an array of colors ranging from yellow to red, green, brown and blue
  • Color differences in zircon are caused by impurities, some of which (like uranium) can be slightly radioactive. These gems are also treated with heat to stabilize the radioactivity
  • Since the Middle Ages, people have believed that zircon can induce sleep, ward off evil and promote prosperity
10kyg Edwardian Blue Zircon Pin


  • Turquoise color ranges from powdery blue to greenish robin’s egg blue
  • Turquoise buried in Ancient Egyptian tombs is among the world’s oldest jewelry
  • Turquoise is colored by copper, which creates some of the most vivid blues and greens in gems
  • Ancient Egyptians called turquoise “mefkat,” which also means “joy” and “delight.
William Henry Turquoise Knife

To learn more about these gorgeous gemstones – check out the American Gem Society article found here .

7 Reasons to Buy Estate Jewelry


Our Estate Collection is truly one of the most unique, eclectic and utterly amazing grouping of jewelry that we have come across.  We have are consistently sourcing new pieces to bring in new pieces to showcase in our semi-annual Estate Shows.  Many people don’t realize how special this grouping of jewelry really is.  With that, we have compiled our top 7 reasons to buy Estate Jewelry:

  1. Truly, One-of-a-kind Pieces –  Estate Eras span hundreds of years – many pieces hand made and custom-made for an individual.  These are the pieces reproductions are made of.  So why not own the real deal?  Discover unique cuts of diamonds, intricate designs that may have come over from Europe hundreds of years ago.  Who knows, one of these treasures could have been owned by a Royal family!
  2. Well-Made and Here to Stay – As mentioned above, these pieces have really stood the test of time having survived wars, famine, depressions, remissions and more.  Our Estate pieces were well-made and were (and are) luxury pieces that were designed to last – something you can pass down generations to generations in the future
  3. Serious Deals – We purchase all of our estate merchandise from customers from our Michaels stores and other jewelry stores across the country. Customers are usually looking to liquidate jewelry they no longer wear or inherited items that don’t fit their style. We also attend auctions and shows where we may purchase additional pieces which means we negotiate deals on each piece, we then pass these savings on to you.  Many of our Estate pieces sell at upwards of 60% off retail/market value.  However, some of these items can be limited edition watches or pieces that just aren’t made any more.  In that case, these items are truly invaluable.
  4. 100% Authentic – Our lead appraiser is certified by the American Gem Society and has over 40 years experience.  Each item brought into our hands is carefully appraised and valued.  With over 130 years in the industry, you can trust buying from Michaels Jewelers
  5. Diamonds, Diamonds Diamonds – We have a collection of loose diamonds that we have added to our Estate Collection that gives our clients an opportunity to buy selected diamonds we’ve purchased advantageously from private estates, individuals and banks at significant savings.  Looking for an engagement ring or perhaps to upgrade your ring?  Do you want to create a new piece of jewelry but thought it would be out of your price range?  Check out this collection for some serious deals
  6. Personal Concierge – Do you have a very specific limited edition watch or perhaps a piece that you saw somewhere but can’t seem to find?  Let our Estate Concierge be your personal shopper and search our connections of other Estate Dealers from around the country to find exactly what you are looking for.  Contact them today at
  7. You’re Sure to Find Something You’ll Love – We have over 600 pieces in our touring trunk show and we literally add new items in everyday we promise you’ll find something!  Our pieces range from under $100 and up to tens of thousands of dollars – we have a piece for every price range and every occasion.  Older jewelry not your thing?  We have modern pieces from some of the top designers such as Tiffany, David Yurman and Cartier as well as collections of almost-new pieces that will really wow you!

To learn more, view our event dates or to view our Estate Collection, click here or to view our full catalog click here.

Why We Love the Edwardian Era

In 1901, Queen Victoria’s son, Edward VII took the throne and officially begun the Edwardian Era (1901-1915), following the Victorian Era.  The reign of King Edward VII brought a new romance defined by lightness, delicacy, predominately filigree work and mostly set in platinum.  There was quite a bit of knife-edge metal work to add a lacy emphasis, giving the Edwardian Era jewelry more intricate and detailed design.

Diamonds were mainly used and can be seen accented with pearls.  We also saw a new technique called ‘milgraining’ which gave pieces a more decorative look.  Check out some of our favorite pieces from this elegant, feminine era:

10990105 str on copy.jpg
18kwg Edwardian Diamond Ring, $995
10990844 copy.jpg
14kwg Edwardian Filigree Pin with Old European Center Diamond, $895 
10972920a copy.jpg
Platinum Edwardian Diamond Cluster Ring, $2,950


Platinum Edwardian Diamond & Pearl Necklace, $4,750



Check out our website for our Estate Show schedule and come see our full collection of Estate Pieces!


Check out our Estate Trunk Show Tour to see our full collection of Estate Pieces!


Why We Love the Victorian Era

Why We Love the Victorian Era


Our Estate Show is upon us and we have some really exciting new pieces to share.  Our buyers have been working hard over the past few months to bring some of the most unique and intricate pieces we have ever seen!  Some of these items are from the Victorian Era, one of our favorite eras. Here’s a few fun facts about the Victorian Era and some of our favorite pieces you should definitely check out for yourself:

  • Many of the eras were named after royalty – you guessed it, the Victorian Era was named after Queen Victoria and was from 1831-1901
  • Pieces from this era were all handmade – something we rarely see with modern jewelry – its amazing to see these pieces have lasted over a hundred years!
  • This era was also known as the “Romance Era”, an emphasis on sentiment, hearts and floral designs were extremely common in earlier in this era
  • Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, died in 1861 so we find that black enamel and jet jewelry grew in importance as Victoria remained in formal mourning by dressing in black every day until the day she died, 40 years later (talk about true love!)
  • Cameos, slide necklaces and memoir pieces were also very common during this era

Here are a few of our favorite pieces from our Victorian Era Estate collection:

10960075 copy14kyg Victorian Era Slide Necklace with Oval Stone Cameo Slide and Seed Pearl, $2,495


18kyg Victorian Era Mourning Pin with Black Onyx and Seed Pearls, $1,100


18kyg Victorian Era Enameled Oval Brown Zircon & Diamond Ring, $3,950


14kyg Victorian Era Carved Cameo Pin/Pendant, $2,295

Don’t forget to stop in to view our collection of hundreds of Estate Pieces this weekend and check out our website for our full Estate Show schedule

Michaels Jewelers Avon Welcomes Ken Bacon as General Manager


Michaels Jewelers is very excited to announce that Ken Bacon, our General Manager from Torrington will now be the General Manager of both our Avon & Torrington locations.  Ken has been with Michaels Jewelers for 30 years and is a local resident of Torrington.

Our Torrington location is the oldest Michaels Jewelers store; having opened originally in the 1920’s on Water Street and moved over to Main Street when the Warner Theater opened in 1933.  Ken had worked in the Torrington store for 5 years as a sales associate before his promotion to General Manager.  Ken is a Certified Gemologist from the American Gem Society and a great asset to Michaels.

Our Avon store opened in 1998 and is one of our five freestanding stores.  We are very excited to have Ken be part of both stores!


Michaels Stories – Danielle & Matt

We have a really special story to share today!  Our very own Danielle, who has worked in our Orange store for several years and someone who we consider to be part of the family, just got engaged!  Danielle & Matt met her sophomore year of high school and started dating a year later.  They have been attached at the hip ever since – literally always together! Matt went to Fairfield for college and she followed suit the next year. This past November they celebrated 6 years together.

Matt and Danielle knew from the beginning that they were meant to be together and that they wanted to spend their future together. They have lost count of the amount of times they spent talking about our future what our lives would be like.

Both Danielle & Matt are very family oriented so they knew that when the time came for them to get engaged they wanted family to be a part of it. Every year since they started dating they’ve gone to see the tree in NYC at Christmas time, which was the first place Danielle told Matt that she loved him. She thought for sure that he would pop the question on one of their annual trips. However last Sunday, Matt’s family came over for dinner and they were all in the living room watching the football game. All of a sudden the game is on mute and Matt is telling Danielle about how much he loves her.  Suddenly they were in front of the Christmas tree, Matt was on one knee, and Danielle was bawling!

Danielle says it all happened so fast and she just remember saying yes yes yes with their families watching! We couldn’t be happier for Danielle & Matt on starting this new chapter in their lives.


Michaels Stories – Peter & Lisa

Peter and Lisa met through a mutual friend in April 2014. They started dating shortly after and both knew from our first date that something special was happening between them. A few months into dating, we planned to have a baby – and now have a beautiful little girl.

It’ll be 3 years of being together this May. Peter recently proposed during dinner at the restaurant where we met. He reached for his pocket, pulled out a box, placed it on the table in front of Lisa, and asked her to marry him. Peter stopped in our Danbury store to pick out the perfect ring for Lisa – a classic 3 stone Treasure Chest engagement ring.  Now they are happily engaged and really excited about planning our wedding!